9. December 2019

Not too hot to handle for Universal Transport

Universal Transport performs a multimodal transport of plant components

In November two heat exchangers and a pressure vessel had to be transported to Russia from their production facility in Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic. The Czech subsidiary of the Universal Transport Group was responsible for the multimodal transport by road and inland waterway.

“Thanks to the necessary knowledge of the country and our experience in cross-border transport on different modes of transport, the challenges of the sometimes-impassable route have been well mastered,” says Jio Polach, Project Manager at Universal Transport Praha.

The first part of the transport ran through the Sudeten to Bratislava and was carried out by truck on the road. Great sense of proportion and driving skills were required due to the winding roads with this heavy load on board. The plant components impressed with their dimensions, heat exchanger number 1 weighed a whopping 118.4 tons with a length of 22.43 meters, a width of 2.88 meters and a height of 3.21 meters. Heat exchanger 2 – at 59.85 tons almost a light weight – was “only” 10.39 meters long, but 3.89 meters wide and 4.5 meters high. The two cargoes were driven in a convoy. The pressure vessel was transported separately to the first destination with its impressive dimensions: 8.06 meters in length, 3.34 meters wide, 4.32 meters high and a weight of 50.8 tons.

In Bratislava, the heat exchangers and pressure vessels were transferred to inland waterway vessels. Via the Rhine-Main-Danube waterway we went to the second stop, the seaport of Antwerp. Despite barely ideal levels of the river, the cargo reached the Transfennica terminal in the port part of Kallo on time. From here, the customer took over the onward journey by sea to St. Petersburg and on the road to  a chemical company in Russia.

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