Did you know that trams
can also piggyback?

We set the course for the safe transport of heavy load transports of rail vehicles. Whether trams, wagons for train traffic or historic trams: in the field of heavy load logistics for rail vehicles, we are a strong partner for transport companies, railway companies such as the German railway and traffic museums.

We bring the big ones into play - wherever

In the field of heavy-duty logistics across Europe we are bringing track projects back on track and can look back on a wealth of experience in this special discipline for transport solutions. Trams, double-decker wagons, wagons for local passenger transport, rail grinding vehicles, railcars, assembly wagons, freight wagons or passenger coaches demand individual logistics concepts.

Smooth heavy-load logistics for rail vehicles

Trams, light rail vehicles, trams and the subway are usually transported from rail to rail. Specifically, this means that we place our transport rail system on the loading track and gently pull the wagon or motor coach by rope winch over the ramp onto our heavy-duty transporters.

After the journey to the destination we reload the wagons with our special rail system. This is also part of heavy-load logistics: Exact custom work on track. If the rail vehicle is ready for departure on the rails or for viewing in a transport museum, we have done our job without any help of a crane.

precision work
on track.

When rail vehicles need to be on the road, Universal Transport is the logistics partner you need. We handle the transport of locomotive and wagon, even on complex, demanding routes.

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... don't worry, be heavy!

Universal Transport conducts heavy transport and ready to use heavy goods transport projects
on land, at sea and in the air for customers in sectors such as construction, wind power, rail, industry and similar
and all this worldwide!

Universal Transport.
Your strong partner for
heavy-duty logistics .

Heavy transports are a perfect composition. Universal Transport is one of the leading companies in heavy-duty logistics. The heavy-load company conducts around 300 transports per night across Europe with loads over 50 meters long and weighing more than 100 tons.

Over 65 years of experience in combination with specialization in the construction industry, renewable energies, rail vehicles, mechanical and plant engineering industry and large vehicles, silo and Aero ensure smooth processes.

Like an orchestra: Teamwork in tune plays the melody. Professional project management accompanies the transport from the beginning to the end. Individual planning, calculating, obtaining permits are preparatory work before transport. The implementation is carried out with qualified personnel from drivers and transport companions.
We always have the most reasonable solution on mind

We don’t only work with the traditional truck, but also look for alternatives by water or by rail.