Because wind energy is already
calling the first tune

People always used wind power and wind energy. Previously by windmills. Today by wind turbines. We, at Universal Transport specialize in heavy-duty logistics in the field of wind turbines.
Throughout Europe, we are already a proven premium partner for well-known companies in the wind power industry.

The right vehicle for every component

Transport logistics for wind turbines has very special requirements. Our vehicle technology is perfectly matched to wind turbines. Rotor blades, nacelles and tower sections are usually ready for collection at various locations for transport. We have the right vehicle for every wind turbine component.

Specialist for rotor blades

We offer the right transport solution for heavy-load logistics for every single component of wind turbines. The transport of oversized rotor blades demands versed driving skills of our skilled drivers plus ingenuity. Finally, a thorough route study in advance is important here. Our trained technical field staff check the routes prior the transport and determine measures that are essential for the success of the transport. And here, too, we do not lose sight of the alternatives "water" and "rails".

Flying high
with transport of rotor blades
for wind power

Wind power and heavy-duty logistics live from innovative thinking. For example: Ahead of a village with too narrow bends, we let the wing blades hover over the village with truck cranes. Like the wind, our project managers, drivers and transport companions master every logistical challenge. So, wind turbines safely reach their destination, the wind farm. Not least because of this, we have now also created the possibility to transport rotor blades on trailer vehicles to be more mobile on our roads and to be prepared for the future dimensions of wind power.

Do you have questions about heavy transport logistics for wind turbines? We bring a breath of fresh air into your project and look forward to your inquiry.

Heavy News


... don't worry, be heavy!

Universal Transport conducts heavy transport and ready to use heavy goods transport projects
on land, at sea and in the air for customers in sectors such as construction, wind power, rail, industry and similar
and all this worldwide!

Universal Transport.
Your strong partner
for heavy-duty logistics.

Heavy transports are a perfect composition. Universal Transport is one of the leading companies in heavy-duty logistics. The heavy load company conducts around 300 transports per night across Europe with loads over 50 meters long and weighing more than 100 tons.

Over 65 years of experience in combination with specialization in the construction industry, renewable energies, rail vehicles, mechanical and plant engineering industry and large vehicles, silo and Aero ensure smooth processes.

As with the orchestra: Teamwork in tune plays the melody. Professional project management accompanies the transport from the beginning to the end. Individual planning, calculating, obtaining permits are preparatory work before the transport. The implementation is carried out with qualified personnel from drivers and transport companions.

We always have the most reasonable solution on mind. we don’t only work with the traditional truck, but also look for alternatives by water or by rail.