9. December 2019

Following a long-lasting tradition Universal Transport brings Berlin’s most famous Christmas tree

We are finally ready for Christmas. Since the end of November, Berlin’s most famous Christmas tree has been where it belongs: in the middle of the “Pariser Platz” by the Brandenburg Gate. Again, Universal Transport made sure it was delivered on time this year.

On Monday the 25th of November, the truck reached its destination in the heart of the capital with the 17.5-metre-high and 4.5-ton grand fir or “Abies Grandis” from the Thuringian Forest. The heavy-duty specialists had taken about four hours to complete the 300-kilometre-long route from the Thuringian Birkenhügel, a district of the municipality of Rosenthal on the Rennsteig. The 50-year-old privately owned tree was cut and professionally secured on the low-loader two days earlier.

“In order for the giant tree to shine in its whole glory, its branches are carefully wrapped by the specialists of our partner ‘Tannen-Wulf’, this also protects the tree from any weather-related damages. As this is very time consuming, the tree was loaded on Saturday,” explains Lars Radzik, technical consultant at Universal Transport.

For several years he has been responsible for transporting imposing Christmas trees for various Christmas markets in Thuringia as well as for transporting the capital’s most famous Christmas tree.  Radzik says: “Like every year I am proud to be responsible for starting the Christmas season by transporting the landmark of Christmas to this historic and well-known place at the Brandenburg Gate.”

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