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We take care of the transport for you. Every industry works with specific machines and systems. Normally, the machine or plant is not needed at the place of production but starts a journey to its destination. Many systems also consist of individual components, which are assembled at the place of use to build a machine or production plant. Through our many years of experience, we are very familiar with it.

Our transport engineering team offers solutions for every situation

At Universal Transport, we specialize in heavy-duty transport in mechanical and plant engineering. We move mass with class - our strength is the diversity of our transport technology. Our vehicle technology is geared towards different demands for different sectors in ​​machinery and plant engineering.

Heavy load logistics moves. Literally. An example: For one of our customers, we transported transformers from Nuremberg to Changij in China. The transformer alone is the heaviest single transformer in the world at 535 tons. The total weight of the heavy transport was 875 tons. That's the weight of 175 grown elephants. The first few kilometers from the transformer plant to the Nuremberg Bayernhafen took place in walking pace. Our colleagues from the project department in Nuremberg did perform great work here. On the company-owned premises plus storage area with lifting frame, which can lift weights well over 50 tones, the transformers were loaded onto a special barge.

Diversity is our strength - Heavy load logistics for the industry

In particular, a precise route control in advance is essential for successful heavy load transports. Our professional project management analyzes the route conditions for a safe heavy transport across Europe in advance. Good contacts with local police and authorities allow for precise arrangements for the smooth running of heavy transport. And not only do we work with the traditional truck, we also look for alternatives by water or by rail.

for every

We support you in your project. No matter how and where the individual components of your machines and systems needs to be transported, Universal Transport will take care of it.

Do you have questions, or do you want to realize a project with us? Talk to us.

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Universal Transport conducts heavy transport and ready to use heavy goods transport projects
on land, at sea and in the air for customers in sectors such as construction, wind power, rail, industry and similar
and all this worldwide!

Universal Transport.
Your strong partner for
heavy-duty logistics.

Heavy transports are a perfect composition. Universal Transport is one of the leading companies in heavy-duty logistics. The heavy-load company conducts around 300 transports per night across Europe with loads over 50 meters long and weighing more than 100 tons.

Over 65 years of experience in combination with specialization in the construction industry, renewable energies, rail vehicles, mechanical and plant engineering industry and large vehicles, silo and Aero ensure smooth processes.

Like an orchestra: Teamwork in tune plays the melody. Professional project management accompanies the transport from the beginning to the end. Individual planning, calculating, obtaining permits are preparatory work before transport. The implementation is carried out with qualified personnel from drivers and transport companions.
We always have the most reasonable solution on mind

We don’t only work with the traditional truck, but also look for alternatives by water or by rail.