Our Guidelines

Sustainable thinking for
future-oriented strategies.

We, the team of Universal Transport, act in a responsible way for our employees, our customers and our environment for more than 65 years.

Our demands

Consulting, organisation and handling of worldwide project cargo is our business. We are neutral and open towards all transport service providers as well as towards all kinds of traffic carriers. We are committed to further innovative developments of our services.

Our goals

We have the intention to achieve with our business activities an adequate advantage for the protection of the company continuance in a well-balanced interest of our investors, customers and employees. We strive to reach the leading position as a service provider for project cargo in the countries in which we are already present. No matter where our customers require our services and no matter where we find fitting employees – at all those places we want to be active!

Our growth

Our aim is the sustainable and long-lasting economic success for our company. Beside the conservation und strengthening of the existing company Universal Transport, we would like to have a healthy growth, that does neither restrict the economic discretionary of the owners nor the autonomy of Universal Transport. Universal Transport seeks for this growth, which is necessary for the future, by maintaining the principle of the decentral organization and at the same time by strengthening the network of the group.

Our customer orientation

Within the business areas in which we operate, we are eligible for belonging to the best. In order to achieve long-lasting success, we always focus on the goals of our customers, with whom we work in a fair and cooperative way. As a plain partner we satisfy the needs of our customers by keeping our long-lasting business interests. The fulfillment of agreed quality standards and the flexibility within the collaboration compose the basis of a trusted customer relationship.

Our employees

We do trust our employees. We respect each other’s work and we honour each other’s work and we do not allow personal disadvantages relating out of the national origin, the colour of the skin, the sex, the age, the religion, possible disadvantages or private life-forms. Each and everyone has to make sure that the health and the security of all employees is granted at all times. The functional qualification, responsible pro-activity and the creativeness of our employees is the guaranty of our success.

Our leadership principles

Our leadership principles favour a decentralized company organization and they are based on the delegation of responsibilities and a trustworthy collaboration. We always intend to take decisions directly and efficiently. Our corporate “heavynet” guarantees the operation principle as an important information system.

Our partners and suppliers

We attach high importance to a partner-like and fair collaboration with our partners and suppliers. Within the supply of a logistical service our partners and suppliers present an important part of our value added chain. We demand a great deal regarding the quality and efficiency.


We support a fair competition within the legal provisions. Price fixing, distribution of customers and the exchange of information that is considered as competition sensitive with competitors is not permitted by us. We are ready to work with competitors, as long as this in favour of our customers and company goals.


All employees are enjoined from all kind of unlawful acceptance of benefit by public official and favouritism, particularly related to the placement, allocation, delivery, execution and paymenet of orders. This rule applies to all eventualities , no matter if the recipient is a representative of public authorities, organizations or commercial enterprises. The acceptance and the allocation of presents and other gratuities is only acceptable, if the value can be disregarded and if it neither brings the donor nor the done in a kind of dependency. In cases of doubt the written approval of the responsible disciplinarian has to be obtained.

Environmental protection

We provide our services in compliance with environmental orientated requirements. Like this, and by keeping economical goals, we achieve a considerable contribution for the improvement of the environmentalism.