For your overview, we work transparently

The software that our team of programmers has developed is used in all our locations, in all areas and departments, and should simplify and synchronize daily work.

The software not only facilitates our internal work but also communication with our customers. For example, they can track where their goods are currently located online. This is especially interesting for international transports and long distances. For this purpose, the customer only enters his reference number on our website and receives the current location of his goods as well as all relevant information about the transport.

For the drivers themselves we have developed an app for mobile phones and tablets. This enables communication with the scheduler, clearly displays all information about the order and the approvals and even includes a navigation tool. In addition, data on driving times and rest periods are documented.

from the unique

In summary, "heavyNet" is a very innovative software that is probably unique in this form so far. In the medium and long term, major increases in efficiency and thus cost reductions, which we can also pass on to the customer, are connected.

The feedback of the users about the practical application of the software is very important. We take this feedback into account in the further development and regular updates of "heavyNet".

Orders are
recorded digitally and
loss-free on the system side.

In the age of Industry 4.0, it is important to go ahead and that's why our in-house IT department has allowed our customers to digitally submit orders directly to our system. A great advantage is that the human risk factor is eliminated and there are no more transposed digits on your reference number, etc. You don’t know if this is possible with your system? Our IT department is happy to help you directly if you have any questions.