2. March 2021

A new addition for Universal Transport: a brand-new vessel bed

In heavy-duty and project logistics, special equipment is used to transport loads with their unusual dimensions or heavy weights safely to their destination. This is also the case with the locomotives from Kassel in northern Hesse. A vessel bed with a total of 14 axle lines, specially developed for this project, was made into a transport vehicle with a length of 68 meters and a total weight of 230 tons.

There are three features that make the vessel bed of Universal Transport’s fleet so special, rail vehicles can enter directly on a ramp due to its rail technology. Crane technology is not required for loading. In contrast to conventional rail trailers, the vessel bed is also lower, and the vehicles are moved on to it , not up on it. Vehicles with a height of up to 4.40 meters can be transported with this new addition.

Finally, the Universal Transport vessel bed can hold up to 160 tons of cargo with a maximum range of 23 meters. In general, there are only a few vessel beds of similar design worldwide, mostly with significantly lower payloads.

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