28. August 2017

Subway a top

The Berlin subway runs in some city districts, such as the line U2 above the Schönhauser Allee or the line U1 over the Spree-spanning Oberbaumbrücke, also on a high-way railway line – and not as usual in a tunnel underground.

But the fact that subway carriages are on the streets of the capital was also a new experience for the eyes of many Berliners.

The reason for the transports carried out by Universal Transport during the summer was a temporary interruption of another traffic carrier, the Berlin S-Bahn on the east-west route between Lichtenberg and Charlottenburg. To catch up on the reduced transport capacities, the number of journeys was increased on the almost parallel running line 5. For this the Berlin transport companies needed additional carriages, which were in a depot in Britz in the south of the metropolis a few kilometres from their future location in Friedrichsfeld.

With only a short lead time, Universal Transport organized the transfer of 36 carriages, which was not possible on the tracks between the two locations. As soon as the S-Bahn on the east-west route runs regularly again and therefore the clocking at the subway line 5 can be reduced again, Universal Transport will also implement the return of the Wagons to the Britzer depot.

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