2. July 2019

How low can you go?

Once again Universal Transport demonstrated how heavy cargo transports depend on expertise, the right equipment and sometimes on a degree of creativity.
The international heavy-duty specialist faced the difficult task of transporting a turbine from the Hungarian city of Veresegyház to Halle / Saale in Germany. This transport was led by our branch from the Czech Republic in Ostrava.

The cargo weighed around 44 tonnes at a length of 9.97 meters and a width of 4.30 meters. The real challenge, however, was the height of the turbine. With 4.51 meters, this was not suitable for transport on the German road network.

An innovative solution was needed. The responsible Universal Transport Team constructed a lowbed with a height of only 20 centimetres above the ground. At walking pace, it could be lowered to just one centimetre above the road and the bridges on the route could be passed.

Universal Transport also delivered the relating generator from Pilsen in the Czech Republic to Halle.

Great how forwarding is done with people and compliment to all contributors.”Every heavy load transport is something special. And it often turns out that it is not just the right equipment that determines success. A crucial ingredient are the people with their ideas and their commitment, which then makes the impossible possible. “says Universal Transport CEO Holger Dechant.

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