17. September 2018


Interview with Lena Krause, who is a trainee as a professional driver at Universal Transport

Ms. Krause, you have just started your apprenticeship at Universal Transport. Please tell us something about your previous career?

I am 26 years old and I come from Northern Hessen. At first, I decided to start a hotel manageress apprenticeship; sadly I realized soon that this career is not for me. Staying at the same place all the time is not for me, I want to be on the road so I decided to become a professional driver.


How did you get to Universal Transport and how was your start at Universal Transport?

Universal Transport offers a specialization that I really like. Heavy and special transports are something exciting. And I need the challenge, the thrill. That’s why I applied to Universal Transport. The start of the apprenticeship was very good. After the first introductory events, the CEO, Mr. Dechant, guided us through the company, personally, which I found really impressive.


Why did you decide to work as a professional driver?

Even as a child I was always fascinated by big trucks. At a later point I did an internship in a freight forwarding company and knew that a professional driver could be something for me. My commute to work is around 100 km every day which doesn’t face me at all, I like driving.  Now I’m looking forward to being on the road a lot as a professional driver.

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