6. October 2021

Digital Solution against the Lack of Truck Parking Spaces

According to current calculations, there is a lack of up to 40,000 truck parking spaces on German motorways. The professional driver team at Universal Transport also experiences this lack of parking space day after day or night after night. The parking situation along the mtorways is not only a nuisance for professional drivers, it is also extremely dangerous. Serious rear-end collisions are not uncommon here.

Parking is a big problem, especially for our vehicles. Our colleague Ronny Knoblauch reported about this in the 66th broadcast of Fernfahrer Live: “There are parking spaces that are specially designated for large-capacity and heavy-duty transports, but these are often occupied by conventional trucks that could not find another parking space to meet their driving and rest times. In addition, in their emergency, truck drivers often park in the access areas to the parking and rest areas, so that our vehicles can no longer enter the site. ”

In the live broadcast at the beginning of September, professional drivers from various haulage companies as well as representatives from BGL and KRAVAG Truck Parking discussed the parking space problem and a potential solution. This comes in the form of an app, which can be used to book additional parking space on the premises of German medium-sized haulage companies near the motorways. A welcome development for our colleague, because “in addition to the major safety aspect, these parking options also usually give professional drivers access to clean toilets and shower facilities – something that is not available everywhere even on German motorway parking lots”, is Ronny Knoblauch’s first conclusion on the app.

The entire episode can be found at the following link:

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