28. June 2023

Cross boarder heavy duty transport, from the Czech mountains to the banks of the Tisza 

In March and April, Universal Transport took over the delivery of three distillation towers for a depropylenizer plant from the Czech Republic via Slovakia to Hungary. The largest tower of the plant, which is used for the petrochemical industry, was provided in three parts, five parts in total had dimensions of up to 45 metres in length l and individual weights of up to 123.5 tons. The transport to the refinery in Tiszaujvaros (Neustadt an der Theiss) around 800 km away, was carried out with a trailer combination to ensure narrow passages and curves could be mastered. To support the heavy freight transport, a second truck unit was used at some points , which could push the transport from behind. 

Precise and detailed planning was necessary for this transport, which our team worked on for over three months. In the run up, detailed bridge statics and deformation measurements were carried out along the planned route. Streets were widened, curbs and road islands were covered. In addition, some other traffic control measurements were necessary too. For example, traffic signs, lamps and traffic lights had to be removed at a short notice to ensure the safe passage of the freight.  

However, the challenge was not only due to the dimensions of the freight but also the required route. The starting point was the production site for the plant components, which is located at an altitude of 440 metres in the Jesenky Mountains, also knows as the Hruby Jesenik in Czech. From here, the route led even higher into the skiing area of Cervenohorske Sedlo at 1010 metres. This altitude had a huge impact on the transport due to the steep ascent and descent to the valley, the associated tight bends in the serpentines and the unpredictable weather presented the team with numerous challenges.  

Thanks to years of experience and expertise of our team, the transport was successfully completed by our 8 drivers and a large number of coordinators within 5 days.  

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