6. July 2022

Universal Transport expands Middle East activities

The Universal Transport Group uses Turkey as an important platform for opening up new markets. Since 2015, the heavy-duty specialist has its own branch in Istanbul. On site we have Ergin Büyükbayram, regional manager for the Middle East region at Züst & Bachmeier Project GmbH. We spoke to him how business is developing in the region and why Turkey holds a key position in the region.

Mr Büyükbayram, as regional manager you have been keeping an eye on the market in the Middle East for a number of years. How would you assess the current situation?

Central Asia is currently playing a major role in international business. The market is in constant development – and with it, also the clients. Whilst economic growth in Europe is almost stagnating, the market is growing significantly there. This can be seen, in the rising commodity prices in the Middle East, which increase the investment opportunities for countries that produce oil or gas. Countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Qatar are becoming ever stronger.

What does this mean for the Universal Transport Group?

The Universal Transport Group is already well established in the region and has gained a valuable customer base. Especially with the difficult situation in Russia, we have to look around for new markets and strengthen our activities there. Central Asia is an important target for us. Many systems from German engineering are being sold in the region – for example to Uzbekistan, the most populated country in Central Asia, but also to Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. There is great potential in all these countries, which is very interesting for Universal Transport.

How important is Turkey when opening up new markets?

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is a hub between the East and the West. The country enjoys a great reputation in the Middle East thanks to its strong economic power, high productivity and quality. In addition, the Turkish language is understood in Central Asia and the culture is close. Additionally, Turkey also fits in with Europe, so as a hub it can ensure the flow of information between the individual markets.

Universal Transport – with its headquarters in Germany and its own office in Istanbul – is positioned perfectly for the organization and handling of transports between Europe and the Middle East. Our location in Istanbul serves as a logistics centre and as the contact point for all the team at any time. We have the necessary know-how for the complex processing of imports and exports between Europe and Central Asia and can quickly and reliably meet the high requirements of our customers in mechanical and plant engineering. This is the base of our good relationship of trust with clients in Central Asia and Europe.

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