15. December 2021

Nothing is too much for us – transport at a snail’s pace !

Our team in the Czech Republic has once again shown us what precision work looks like. When transporting extremely heavy generators from Pilsen to the port in Lovosice, there were narrow places to pass through. Our experts needed two whole nights for the distance of just 160 kilometres. Driving through towns and under old and new bridges was only possible at a snail’s pace.

Not surprisingly, since the entire truck was almost fifty meters long, over five meters wide and around 5.70 meters high and a weight of  up to three hundred tons. Two MAN trucks were in use here, one as a truck in front of the load and one to push behind the load. In particularly narrow passages, a colleague accompanied the driver by foot and communicated via the radio to guide the driver for a safe arrival of the load and equipment at the destination.

Would you like to see this transport in real? We have captured the transport for you to watch. You can find the video on our YouTube channel at:

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