16. June 2021

Turkish trams for Poland

A total of twelve new trams will be used in the local public transport system in the Polish city of Olsztyn (Allenstein). For the first time, the low-floor vehicles with a track width of 1435 mm come from a Turkish manufacturer. The project logistics specialist of the Universal Transport Group Züst & Bachmeier is responsible for the transport on the European side.

After being picked up from the factory, the tram takes the well-known ferry service from the Turkish ferry port Pendik in the province of Istanbul across to the Italian port of Trieste. From here, the experts Züst & Bachmeier take over the oversized cargo. With four double and two single wing doors on each side, it has a capacity of 210 passengers, including 40 seats.

From Trieste the transport goes through Italy, Austria, and Germany to the destination in north-east Poland. The special cargo is escorted by police and escort vehicles on its journey. One transport from the port of Trieste to its destination in Poland takes a total of six days. Via the unique heavy Net online system, the customer has access to all current documents and proof of delivery at any time. In addition, he can track the position of the vehicle in real time.

The in-depth preparation of the cross-border transport takes a few weeks, this is to ensure as little delays as possible.  In addition to planning and registering with all relevant authorities in different countries, it is important to compile the relevant documents such as access authorizations or customs guarantees  and obtain the necessary permits. The Züst & Bachmeier team also takes care of the coordination with the port agents and customs clearance.

“The Universal Transport Group and its subsidiaries have the necessary expertise in planning, organizing, and implementing international large-scale and heavy-duty transports. We see ourselves as a kind of competence centre in which we work out the best solutions for our customers across the group bundled with great commitment, “says Ergin Büyükbayram, who represents the Universal Transport Group in Turkey as regional manager and adds:” Right now customers in the Middle East have a high demand for such well-engineered tools as our heavy-Net. “

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