13. March 2023

Storage and logistics services: A portrait of our Bochum branch

The merger with Gruber Logistics enables us to offer services beyond projects, large-capacity and heavy-duty transports – from pallet storage in modern logistics halls to value-added services. For example, at our branch in Bochum customers have the option to use a wide range of logistics services.

A high-rack and small parts storage unit with a total capacity of 12,000 pallet spaces are available on 9,000 square meters. A ground-level gate, modern forklifts and an ingenious IT storage system ensure fast and efficient warehouse processes.

The inventory update during storage on pallets or on shelves takes place in real time. In the modern logistics halls, pallets of different heights can also be stored with temperature control.

Thanks to many years of experience, the team of 7 can manage and optimize the entire logistics chain for the customer. Digital interfaces to various systems enable a fully integrated solution and an automated ordering process. The orders are assembled in the warehouse, packaged appropriately, and branded for the customer. The delivery of pallets can, of course, be covered by our own fleet of vehicles. Parcels are sent with other partners but the team also handles the customs clearance for deliveries outside the EU.

Holger Dechant, board member of Gruber Logistics: “We are pleased to be able to offer Universal Transport customers logistics options in enclosed buildings. Regarding the amount and duration of storage and the services, we are now completely flexible and are therefore expanding our product portfolio once again.”

Bochum has the largest storage capacity in Gruber Logistics’ Europe-wide network. Other locations in Germany with their own storage areas include Bamberg, Paderborn, Pohle and Hamburg.

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