15. December 2020

New Tram for Bielefeld

When father and son transport a new tram through Germany, things can only run smoothly – at least with Universal Transport. At the beginning of December, our professional drivers Rene and Alexander (24) Wobst were on the road together to bring a new VAMOS tram  from the manufacturer Heiterblick in Leipzig to its location in the moBiel fleet in Bielefeld. Their colleague Thomas Bennarndt was also there to escort (BF3)the transport.

A heavy-duty truck with a low-loader and a total length of 50 meters was used. The low-loader has a track bed on the trailer which is adaptable individually to the track width of the tram . This makes it possible to pull the tram directly from the track onto the trailer via a ramp and unload it directly from the trailer back onto the track at the destination. There are no crane costs or disconnection of overhead lines needed. Universal Transport from Paderborn has the largest vehicle fleet in Europe for handling this sort of transport.

The foundation for the fast and reliable delivery of the 34-meter-long and 55-ton tram was meticulous planning and preparation over many weeks. Universal Transport was trusted with the transport and took over the entire organization, including the route planning, obtaining all necessary permits, use of trucks, registering with the police, and organizing the escort vehicles. Another Vamos tram will follow every four weeks. A total of 24 trains of the second Vamos series are to be delivered to Bielefeld by 2022.

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