12. April 2022

Road show through Europe

Allez les Rouges. Since September 2021, true to style with a bright red freight, four Universal Transport trucks have been on the road for an agricultural machinery manufacturer in Europe. In road show style, machines for tillage, seeding technology, or crop protection, among other things, will be introduced to the interested audience at various European locations. Since autumn 2021 they have already visited Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Italy, and Germany. Since February, the spectacular-looking, gigantic agricultural machines have been to France, Spain and Portugal and will soon travel to Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Baltic States before heading back to Romania and Bulgaria via Poland.

Each roadshow started at the client’s headquarters in Bavaria. To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, the Universal Transport trucks and their drivers were part of the roadshow 24/7.

Managing Director of Universal Transport Prague, Burkhard Jung, is incredibly happy with the results: “We have received positive feedback from all previous stops, but also for our colleagues, this is a positive change from the usual heavy load transports. In addition to our own trucks, there was also a customer-owned show truck, a real eye-catcher with sliding glass doors on the side and bright red advertisement. Our drivers are excited and proud to be a part of this extraordinary project.”

If you want to see this impressive road show in more detail, please follow this link:

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