28. August 2020

Real lightweights for heavy loads

Universal Transport has ordered 62 new heavy-duty modules of the Goldhofer type THP/SL-S of which the first 18 modules were delivered in August. The combinable transport systems are an ideal addition to the existing Goldhofer equipment in the company fleet and offer many advantages for large-scale and heavy-duty logistics: With a lower weight compared to the previous models and low-bed variations, they can also be used on routes that aren’t suitable with heavier systems, for example  motorways or bridges. At the same time, the new lightweight addition can transport heavier loads.

Different tyre sizes allow an adjustment for the loading height or the use on construction sites, Universal Transport chose 285 tyres to match the area of ​​application. The track gauge of three meters also increases the lateral stability. Due to the diverse combination capabilities and extensions, the transport systems can be used very flexibly.

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