6. November 2017

New wind in the Universal Transport fleet

Wind turbines at sea, but also on land require regular maintenance and repair for successful, continuous operation.

From time to time This also includes the replacement of the transformer. This is located at the foot of the wind turbine, but still at some height above the ground.

For this and other assembly jobs, as well as for a variety of loading tasks, the heavy-duty specialist of Universal Transport will now be able to use a new “heavy crane series” product from Palfinger. The model PK 165.002 TEC 7 enables the lifting of components with a weight of up to 5.7 tons at a maximum outreach of 18.50 meters. The knuckle-boom crane, which UT uses on the frame of a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3248 L 8×4, also has a hydraulic rope winch. This carries elements weighing up to 4.5 tonnes along the articulated arm. With an extension of the jib stretch, which can be achieved by an additional bend, the range increases up to 40 meters.

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