15. December 2021

New administrative regulations

With the recent change in the administrative regulation in the Federal Republic of Germany, the legislator has now legally clarified the long-discussed topic of tolerances in large-scale and heavy transport. With immediate effect, the approved dimensions and weights may only be less than 15 cm for the load and a maximum of 5 percent of the approved total weight of the heavy haulage truck. In the event of deviations beyond this, the granted approval becomes invalid, and the transport cannot take place. This means a further tightening of the existing conditions for transports and permits.

Simply put not only overloading a truck but also “underloading” more than 5 percent of the approved total weight leads to a standstill of the transport.

For us, this means, for one , that we need exact dimensions and weights of the goods to be transported of our clients in advance. Any changes during the production process must be passed on to us as quickly as possible. Secondly, this change in the regulations will also cause a sharp increase in the workload for the licensing authorities and thus again lead to significantly longer processing times for our applications. The cost of permits will rise unfortunately , as even more permits  have to be applied for.

We can only ask you, the client, to draw your industry associations’ attention to this new regulation, which is incomprehensible to us, because everywhere in administrative law, the principle applies that the “big includes the small” (maius minus continent). Large-scale and heavy transport are treated differently here, and the approval process has been constantly changed for the worse for several years.

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