12. April 2022

Mastering times of crisis together

We do love challenges and the team of the Universal Transport Group is always enthusiastic about implementing complex projects and dealing with difficult requirements. Recently however, we can hardly save ourselves from such challenges.

The authorities continue to present us with new challenges in the permit process, the corona pandemic is still a part of everyone’s life for now, and the global political situation also requires new considerations over and over again.

We all know about the dramatic situation in Ukraine and this newsletter is not the right platform for political discussions.

All we would like to do now is say thank you, a special thank you to all our clients who supported us in implementing and passing on the increasing fuel costs. The increase in fuel prices caused by the conflict in Ukraine, were a challenge that we all had to face and which we as a company – and the logistics industry as a whole – could not have mastered on our own.

We are aware that everyone, including our partners and clients, had to deal with this situation. We are even more grateful for all the agreements based on partnership that we have been able to reach with you in the past few weeks. In return, we will do everything we can to ensure that supply chains can be maintained and that we get your products to their destination safely and on time.

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