9. December 2019

Load securing on the test stand

Universal Transport successfully conducts test drive for Siemens Mobility

In addition to good planning and modern equipment, precise load securing is one of the most important prerequisites for the smooth transport of heavy goods and project cargo. On behalf of Siemens Mobility GmbH, Universal Transport has checked the reaction of a truck with cargo in various driving situations and demonstrated that the load securing used withstands the impact of road traffic. This series of test rides was carried out and accompanied by the testing company DEKRA at the Driving Centre Groß Dölln in Brandenburg.

As part of the test drives, the cargo was loaded with an acceleration force of 0.8 g forward and 0.5 g to the sides. This corresponds to expected real conditions in road transport. The delays or accelerations achieved were recorded and documented by appropriate measuring technology. The tests, which took place on cordoned-off terrain for safety reasons, included full braking forward, full braking backwards, a circular drive and an obstacle avoidance test in the form of an S-curve. Due to the risk of falling,  especially during turning manoeuvre and the avoidance test, a special support axle was installed to protect the load and the vehicle, which is often used in such tests as well as in professional driving safety training.

“This test is of great importance not only for our customer Siemens Mobility but also for Universal Transport. Our team is very proud that the test drives were successfully carried out successfully and approved by DEKRA, because by ensuring precise load securing, we contribute to greater road safety,” says Stephan Stender, Branch Manager of Universal Transport Hamburg.

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