6. November 2023

Infrastructure deficiencies bridged with special trailers

Thanks to Universal Transport, a private railway company’s freight shunting locomotive was able to return to service at the end of September. The locomotive has been stuck in the Emmelsum harbour since June. As a result of heavy rain, the Emscher Bridge near Dinslaken collapsed, cutting off the North Rhine-Westphalian port from the rail network.

The new bridge construction is not expected to be completed until 2024, so the locomotive was taken to the nearest rail access by road. The Universal Transport team loaded the freight onto a low-loader, which is especially designed to transport rail vehicles, the measurements of the load were around 14.7 meters long, 4.2 meters high, 3 meters wide and weighed 85 tons. On the night of the 19th of September, we travelled eight kilometres by road to the port of Wesel, where the shunting locomotive went directly from the trailer onto the rails and resume its work.

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