19. June 2020

Mastered the challenge with flying colours: Modules for tunnel boring machines reach their destination safely

“Extraordinary” is day-to-day business for a heavy-duty logistics company like Universal Transport. However, modules for a huge tunnel boring machine are not on the daily program either. In June, the experts at Universal Transport were able to proof  that they can get these goods to their destination smoothly like any other.

The transport started at the port of the Lower Silesian town of Malczyce. From there it was transported with a special truck to Lodz in the heart of Poland, around 260 kilometres away. The largest module transported was eight meters wide and weighed a respectable 185 tons. With a total weight of 309 tons, the truck loaded with the largest part was 36.5 meters long, 7.96 meters wide and 4.75 meters high – plus a truck to push and pull.

These impressive dimensions made transport organization and route planning  a challenge. This time, the transports were run by the Universal Transport subsidiary StB Verkehrstechnik Dabrowa in Poland, which also took over the securing of the route. The vehicles were supplied by the Czech branch of the heavy-duty logistics company. Thanks to its cross-border network and expertise in the different areas of heavy load and project logistics, Universal Transport can also offer exceptional international transports successfully from a single source.

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