19. June 2020

Don’t worry, be safe

Danger in the blind spot? Not with the Universal Transport Group! To avoid right-turning accidents, the heavy-duty logistics company will only orders vehicles with the modern turn assistance systems from now on. The first truck equipped in this way has now been delivered to Universal Transport. In 2020, a total number of 30 IVECO and MAN vehicles will be added to the fleet.

“When choosing the turning assistant system, we paid a lot of attention to the fact that our professional drivers are not only informed acoustically, but also visually. Therefore, the vehicles are equipped with a monitor, an acoustic signal, and an additional warning light. In this way, every pedestrian, every cyclist and every child is recognized in the blind spot as soon as the right turn is initiated,” says Frank Rakowski, fleet manager and works council chairman at Universal Transport, adding: “In this way, we also protect our professional drivers. Because in the case of an accident, there are always at least two victims, regardless of the question of guilt.”

For years, road safety has been an important factor for the Universal Transport group. The company is the official safety partner of the “Action Turning Assistant” of the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI) and has committed itself to equipping new vehicles of its fleet with the turning assistant system before the launch date at EU level. In addition, the Paderborn-based company supports schools and primary schools with theoretical and practical courses around this subject.
You can see exactly how the turning assistant system works in our video on YouTube:

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