4. October 2023

Book & Claim

Dear Customer,

Smart Freight Centre, the international organization which designed the methodology for accounting transport emissions (GLEC framework) has introduced a revolutionary concept for matching the demand for sustainable solutions with supply. A gap which is still very high.

After many years of deployment of alternative fuels, last year Gruber Logistics started working on “Book&Claim” an entirely new concept in the road transport industry to make more effective the impact of sustainable solution.

Through this perspective, it is not relevant where the physical usage of alternative fuels takes place since the deriving emissions reduction can be “booked” and “claimed” by different actors of the supply chain.

On the 17th of October we have organized a digital event to show how the system works to make your logistics more sustainable.

The event will be online and it is free of charge. The title is “Book&Claim, the Gruber Logistics Experience”. It will see directly the participation of Smart Freight Centre.

 You will receive the link to the conference a few days before it.

Click here to register for free!


Moderator: Andrea Condotta

15.00 – Introduction: Martin Gruber

15.10 – Book & Claim: why a new international framework and relevant points, Quintin

15.40 – The base of Gruber Logistics model: Andrea Condotta

15.50 – Accounting & Reporting, Ettore Gualandi

16.00 – Conclusion, Andrea Condotta

16.15 – Closing

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