7. September 2016

Transport of ‘antique’ tram cars to the Czech Republic

The cargo we at Universal Transport convey is not always the latest technology in green energy or any other manufacturing, or even brand new. The perfect example is a major contract that our branch in the Czech Republic is currently working on.

Since June 2016 our team in Prague is transporting tram cars from Tallin, Estoina to Ostrava, Czech Republic, an overall distance of 1.400km. The assignment will last about two years.

What makes this transport so very special? The 14 tram cars have been in use for over 40 years, making them real Oldies. As the tram cars are a bit long in the tooth now a thorough restoration has become necessary. And so one by one they start their journey to the Czech Republic. You may ask yourselves why the Czech Republic of all places?? The most important restoration company for refurbishing rail vehicles is positioned there. The refurbishment of one rail car takes about six month.

One rail car is 28m long, 2,50m wide and weighs 30tons. It is Universal Transports jobs to secure a save journey for each of these unique items. At the beginning of 2017 the return of the first rail cars is planned. After that a rotation between the Czech Republic and Estonia will be implemented. Thus insuring a steady sequence of restoration and transport back to the point of origin to put the tram cars back in use.

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