6. October 2021

Different Countries, Different Customs: this Time the Czech Republic

In our “Other countries, other customs” series, we introduce you to the employees of our branches and national companies around the world. We talk to them about customs and values, what makes their country or region special and we may even be able to learn from them. This time Jana Kuncová (39) tells us what is typical for the Czech Republic. Since November 2020 she has strengthened the management team of Universal Transport Prague as co-managing director. Incidentally, Jana Kuncová is also the first woman to hold a managerial position at Universal Transport and thus shows that modern heavy-duty logistics is no longer a purely male domain.

Ms. Kuncová, which values ​​are particularly important in the Czech Republic?

The family is the foundation of the state – that was already said by the first President of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš G. Masaryk, and that is still true today. A functioning family, a good couple relationship and children are actually the highest values ​​of the Czechs, who see in it a place where people can feel happy.

Which holidays are particularly important for the country?

In any case, holidays that are based on Christian traditions, i.e. Christmas and Easter. For us, these are holidays of joy, peace, time with family and good food. For me November 17th is the most important civil holiday because it commemorates our achievements for freedom and democracy.

How is business going in the Czech Republic?

Here it is – in direct comparison with Germany – a little more complicated. The bureaucratic effort in the Czech Republic presents companies with considerable time challenges. Nevertheless, there are a lot of young companies and start-ups with interesting, internationally promising ideas.

How important is time management?

The concept of time management is becoming more and more popular in the Czech Republic. People here are beginning to realize that good time management – both professionally and privately – is the key to a happier life, better health, but also more optimism.

Is the Czech Republic hierarchical or is it more egalitarian?

Historically more egalitarian. This aspect was intensified considerably during the communist era – and even if inequality has increased at different levels since then, hierarchy is still not as important in the Czech Republic as it is in other parts of the world.

What is the relationship between the Czechs and nature like?

Very tight. This is reflected in our unique network of marked hiking and cycling trails, with which we stand out from almost all other nations. The Czechs also love their “Datscha” and like to go for walks in the forest, often to pick mushrooms. However, climate change does not yet play a major role in the public debate.

Are there other things that are typical of you?

Definitely the good Czech beer. This national drink permeates all aspects of Czech culture and society, is the subject of books and films and should not be missing from any meeting with friends or family.

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